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Google and European Union logos are seen in SarajevoWhether or not the EU succeeds in branding Google a market-abusing monopolist in web search - a big if, given that the competition authority has yet to publish its exact charges - the Internet giant could be pinned down for years to come in regulatory procedures and legal appeals. A drawn-out process is likely to embolden existing and would-be interlopers to step up assaults on Google's wide range of businesses, if the history of Microsoft's antitrust battles with U.S. and European regulators is any guide. In accusing Google of anti-competitive practices against rival shopping sites, the EU competition authority said it is continuing to investigate other areas, including alleged "web scraping" to copy content off of rival travel and local business review sites, and Google's restrictive practices on advertising. A quick EU finding that Google has abused its market power by favoring its own shopping services at the expense of non-Google websites, could set a precedent for new charges over how it handles hotels, flights and other services, experts say.

A cleaner waters the flowers below a logo of Alibaba (China) Technology Co. Ltd at the company's headquarters on the outskirts of HangzhouChina's e-commerce giant, Alibaba Group, has been fined 800,000 yuan ($129,000) by the price bureau in eastern Zhejiang province for violations by third-party sellers during promotions on its e-commerce platforms. Since Alibaba turned "Singles' Day", a November 11 Chinese response to Valentine's Day, into an online shopping festival in 2009, the event has grown to similar proportions as Cyber Monday and Black Friday in the United States. "The company has been fined 500,000 yuan ($81,000) for matters related to Singles' Day pricing by third-party sellers on our Tmall marketplace in 2013 and 2014 and 300,000 yuan($48,000) for pricing in other promotions in 2013 and 2015," Alibaba Group said in a statement on Friday. While pricing is handled by third parties, not directly by Alibaba, the group said, it would nevertheless reinforce pricing rules and regulations with sellers to protect consumers.

Picture illustration shows Whatsapp's logo reflected in a person's eye, in central Bosnian town of ZenicaBy Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - The European Commission will take into account increased competition from cable operators and alternative services such as WhatsApp when it overhauls Europe's telecoms rules next year, a move that will be cheered by the telecoms industry. A draft seen by Reuters of the Commission's strategy for creating a digital single market says telecom operators compete with "over-the-top" services "without being subject to the same regulatory regime". The bloc's telecom firms such as Orange and Deutsche Telekom have long called for lighter-touch regulation, after years of declining revenues and competition from new entrants, to enable them to invest in network upgrades. Telecom companies point to increased competition from services such as Skype (owned by Microsoft ) and online messaging as a reason for easing the regulatory burden.

A man is silhouetted against a video screen as he poses with Nokia Lumia 820 smartphone in this photo illustration taken in the central Bosnian town of ZenicaMicrosoft Corp on Friday unveiled a long-awaited suite of touch-friendly Office apps that allow Windows phone users to work on Word, PowerPoint and Excel documents on their phones with touch commands and to transfer them easily between devices. Test versions of what Microsoft is calling its Office Universal apps are available to download immediately and full versions will be available by the end of the month, Microsoft said. Many Office users have waited months for Microsoft to introduce the apps, which adapt their look and commands to the device being used, whether Windows Phone or tablet. Microsoft, in a departure from tradition, has already released similar touch-friendly Office apps for Apple Inc's iPad and iPhone, and for tablets running Google Inc's Android.

  Fri, 17 Apr 2015 16:40:36 -0400
By Elly Park New York, NEW YORK - Scientists at Columbia University in New York have successfully built a camera that is capable of producing images using power harvested from the surrounding incident light.  The prototype self-powering camera takes an image each second, and in a well-lit scene it can operate indefinitely. The team is led by Shree Nayar, Professor of Computer Science at Columbia Engineering,  "What we have designed here is an image sensor with pixels, with this new design that can not only capture pictures but also generate power from the pixels, in order to capture the images themselves. In modern cameras photo diodes, tiny devices inside each pixels of the image sensor, measure the amount of light that falls onto it, and Nayar said he noticed that the process is similar to photo diodes used inside solar panels to harvest energy.   "It turns out exactly the photo diode is also used in solar cells which are used in solar panels to harvest energy from light, except that they are being used in a slightly different circuit.

European Union flags flutter outside the EU Commission headquarters in BrusselsBy Julia Fioretti BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Internet platforms such as Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! will be the subject of a widespread inquiry by European regulators to determine whether they are transparent enough in how they display search results. In a draft of the Commission's strategy for creating a digital single market, seen by Reuters, it says it will "carry out a comprehensive investigation and consultation on the role of platforms, including the growth of the sharing economy." The investigation, expected to be carried out next year, will look into the transparency of search results - involving paid for links and advertisements - and how platforms use the information they acquire. European Commission Vice-President Andrus Ansip is expected to formally announce the new strategy on May 6. The transparency of search results came under particular scrutiny this week when the European competition chief accused Google of cheating competitors by distorting web search results to consistently favor its own shopping service.

Google's 'balloon-powered internet for all' is almost ready

Oklahoma approves execution by nitrogen gas as a backup to lethal injectionsYesterday, Oklahoma governor Mary Fallin signed into law a bill that approves the use of nitrogen gas for executions in the state. The method, which would effectively asphyxiate death row inmates by forcing them to breathe pure nitrogen through a gas mask, is meant to be the primary alternative to lethal injection, The Washington Post reports. It's also cheap: state representatives say the method only requires a nitrogen tank and a gas mask, but financial analysts say its impossible to give precise figures, the Post reports. Oklahoma's primary execution method is still lethal injection, but the state's procedure is currently under review by the Supreme Court.

Social impact drives Omidyar Network's civic tech investmentsStacy Donohue of the philanthropy Omidyar Network talks about how she sees civic tech now and in the future. She also recognizes several of the civic tech movement's unsung heroes.

Verizon Fios' shift to 'skinny bundles' runs afoul of ESPNThe Disney-owned ESPN says an a la carte subscription plan would violate contracts.

William Shatner apparently thinks a Kickstarter-funded water pipeline will save CaliforniaIs William Shatner crazy, or did he just make a bad joke? You might start asking yourself that question after hearing the latest idea from the 84-year-old star: a Kickstarter-funded, $30 billion water pipeline to save California from its devastating drought. In an interview with Yahoo Tech's David Pogue, Shatner says, "I’m starting a Kickstarter campaign. I want $30 billion ... to build a pipeline ... Say, from Seattle.

FCC vote clears the way for lower-cost mobile data

How Everyone With a Smartphone Can Feed a Hungry ChildAt this very moment, there are civilians fleeing war in Yemen, Syria, Iraq, South Sudan, Ukraine and Central African Republic. There are more refugees now than any time since World War II. War means food shortages. Children suffer the most in these conflicts. They feel the pain of hunger and live with the threat of malnutrition, which can...

Verizon's 'customizable' FiOS TV packages violate contract, says ESPNESPN is fighting back just hours after Verizon announced plans to offer new FiOS TV packages that split up channels into cheaper, semi-a la carte bundles. Extremely powerful networks, like ESPN, can even mandate that its channels are included in the most widely-distributed cable packages. Verizon's announcement was somewhat noteworthy because it appeared to sidestep such stipulations, but now it seems that the operator may have jumped the gun before coming to agreements with its programming partners. The new customizable FiOS packages appear to violate ESPN's rules, as the sports network's channels are not included in the base TV bundle of 35 channels.

I flew an X-Wing fighter at Star Wars CelebrationWhether it's the Bates Motel at SXSW or the annual flood of tie-ins at Comic-Con, they're an opportunity for companies to hawk their wares by creating one-of-a-kind experiences that will get audiences talking. In what they're calling "The X-Wing Experience," attendees wait in an insanely long line, after which they strap on X-Wing pilot gear and sit down into a cockpit mock-up, complete with working switches, lights, and a control stick.

5 film techniques J.J. Abrams will use to showcase his Star Wars universeOne of the great pleasures of the new Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer is seeing a new director inject his own flourishes into an already visually distinctive series. The Star Wars visual catalog has a few staples that have stayed consistent throughout the series: think transitional wipes and pilot POV shots. Unfortunately, the prequels saw George Lucas expand the toolset with a lot of uninspired tricks: slow zooms on wide shots, Barbara Walters glow, and a stubborn use of a locked-down camera. From the looks of the new Star Wars trailer, J.J. Abrams and his cinematographer, Dave Mindel, seem to be trading out the bad visual trademarks and replacing them with some of their own.

  Sat, 18 Apr 2015 11:00:00 -0400

The world as a work of digital art

The longest-running predator study in the world is running out of wolvesA 57-year predator study will likely be forced to shift directions as early as next year because the wolf population it studies is nearly extinct. Since 1958, scientists have tracked the ebbing wolf population on Michigan's Isle Royale, an island in Lake Superior. When the study first began, the Isle Royale wolf population neared 50, but it has been declining for some time now. In the 1940s, three Canadian gray wolves walked across the ice on Lake Superior and found a home on Isle Royale, according to the National Parks Conservation Association.

Top iOS news of the week: Halo, WWDC, Apple buys keyboardIn iOS this week we saw Microsoft release Halo for iOS, Apple's big developer conference was announced, and Apple bought an Android keyboard app maker.

The Weekender: Formula E racing, internet astrology, and the oceans' garbage vortexesHello fellow weekend-goers, and welcome back to The Weekender. This week, we found the nicest person on the internet, we dove into the world of friendly astrology, and we went to Miami to see a Formula E race. We'll also be setting you up for a stellar weekend back on this terrestrial plane. So sit back and take a journey with us..mobile-layout .link { width: 15px; float: right; padding: 10px; }Do thisLos Angeles Times Festival of Books, Los Angeles, CA


How to solve Silicon Valley's diversity challenges? Google has ideasGoogle says it knows Silicon Valley needs to do a better job of employing women and minorities. One company program hopes to solve the problem by looking to historically black colleges.

Top Android news of the week: Cyanogen, Verizon on security, install apps in searchIn Android this week we had news of Cyanogen teaming up with Microsoft, Google will let searchers install Android apps from within search results, and Verizon says Android security is not very good.

Financial technology company SunGard Data Systems Inc is preparing to appoint financial advisers to explore a sale that could value it at as much as $10 billion, including debt, people familiar with the matter said on Friday. SunGard has asked investment banks vying for advisory mandates to prepare for interviews as early as next week, the people said. The company plans to simultaneously explore an outright sale as well as a potential initial public offering, the people added. Private equity-owned SunGard decided to explore a sale after it was approached by at least one other company about a potential takeover, one of the people added.
  Sat, 18 Apr 2015 06:15:03 -0400

Give your iPhone or iPad a storage boostThe iPhone and iPad are wildly popular devices, but if you're one of those people who likes to carry a lot of data with them, you've probably at one time or another hit a storage limit. Here's how you can add more storage to your iPhone or iPad quickly and easily - no jailbreaking or cracking your device open required.

Tiny trackpad uses your thumbnail to navigate devices

Facebook gets entangled in India's net neutrality debateFacebook's Internet.org initiative has come under fire in India, as some Indian businesses are pulling out of the project because of potential abuse of net neutrality.

Surge in real-time big data and IoT analytics is changing corporate thinkingBig data that can be immediately actionable in business decisions is transforming corporate thinking. One expert cautions that a mindset change is needed to get the most from these analytics.

If you want to chat on Steam, spend at least $5

  Fri, 17 Apr 2015 22:30:44 -0400
Many of the earliest website designs to populate the web are nothing more than distant and irretrievable memories. While sites like the The Internet Archive Wayback Machine provide a great way to take a stroll back through Internet time, their index only goes back so far. So it goes with the Apple.com homepage. Archived versions of Apple’s homepage on the Wayback Machine only go back to October 1996, a shame given that Apple had a website up and running for many years prior. Don’t Miss: Watch the leaked Batman v. Superman IMAX trailer right here! Thankfully, Kevin Fox, who previously did design and software work at both Google and Apple, realized that he just might have a screenshot of Apple’s old and seemingly

Justice Department may try to block the Comcast / TWC merger

After being edged out by the Xbox One in December and falling behind the Nintendo 3DS in February, the PlayStation 4 reclaimed its spot at the top of the hardware sales chart in March, the NPD Group revealed in its latest report. DON’T MISS: Halo: Spartan Strike now available on PC, iOS and Windows Phone “We are truly honored PlayStation 4 is the top-selling console and No. 1 in software sales again according to NPD sales data for March 2015,” said a spokesperson for Sony Computer Entertainment. Official sales figures were not released, but at the last count, Sony had sold over 20.2 million PS4s worldwide since the console’s debut. Microsoft also released its own statement as well, claiming that “cumulative U.S. Xbox One

Crave Ep. 200: Forget maps and let leg electrodes guide you thereResearchers have found a way to get people where they want to go using electrodes attached to the legs. Are humans the future of GPS?

France insists it’s not working on a French version of the U.S. Patriot Act that would give the government massive additional surveillance powers, The Verge reports. But the French government is definitely interested in passing a law that would give it more freedom to collect information in its fight against terrorism, even if local businesses and human rights organizations are criticizing the initiative. DON’T MISS: Watch the leaked Batman v. Superman IMAX trailer right here! The new law, which prime minister Manuel Valls is rushing through Parliament, would give local spy agencies even more powers. The government would be allowed to spy on emails and calls of suspected terrorists and their families and contacts without receiving authorization from a judge. Furthermore, telecommunications

Satellite Reentry

Boomer Lifestyle Tools and Products for the Post Woodstock GenerationWoodstock it was a mess and don't let anyone tell you different. It was hot, cold, dirty, muddy, and smelly and most of the time you couldn't even hear the music. But, epic nevertheless. Regardless, the culture was shifted as never before and the legacy of Woodstock lives on stamped into the DNA of American culture. Fast forward to today's...

One of the most interesting movies coming out this year is Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, and a first cryptic teaser trailer for it was released last summer. However, French publication Nowhereelse discovered a HD version of it that looks much better than the earlier version we saw. DON’T MISS: Watch the leaked Batman v. Superman IMAX trailer right here! This first trailer doesn’t have much action in it, and you won’t even get to see the main characters. However, the short video introduces them, and tells us where the action is supposed to take place. “On the edge of the American frontier, some time after the Civil War, eight strangers were stranded by a blizzard,” the trailer reveals. “They soon

Adaptalux is a modular lighting system for macro photography

It took them long enough. After sitting idly by while a firestorm raged through the Internet following the low-quality leak of the Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, Warner Bros. Pictures has finally shared the real thing. MORE TRAILERS: The second trailer for Star Wars: The Force Awakens just came out – watch it here now! Whatever you thought of the trailer the first time around, it’s worth giving it another shot in 1080p, without the shaking and the blurriness. The trailer is still coming to IMAX theaters next week, and the full movie will hit theaters on March 25th, 2016. Watch the official trailer below:

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